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Technology Hub Media Interviews Executive Project Manager of Blockchain Relations

Bill Cassidy of Technology Hub Media invited our executive project manager to share his background in the technology field as well as thoughts on where the industry is headed, innovations of interest, disruptive consequences of new technology, and the experience working with SmartCash. A text version of the interview is provided below, but to listen… Read More >

How Cryptocurrency can Provide Ongoing Funding for Non-Profits

The invention of cryptocurrencies has impacted the world in many ways, but most of the discussions that have taken place only focus on business and personal finance implications. Very few have thought of how cryptocurrency could become an invaluable source of funding for non-profit organizations. Continual Revenue for Ongoing Needs Anyone involved with a non-profit… Read More >

Changelly and Cex Get New Competitor as Announces MCO Visa Card

When the CEO of Amazon Jeff Beroz was releasing the end-of-the-year report about the performance of the company, he made an observation of how creativity and competitiveness could improve the gains of a business. Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Monaco, which was rebranded to, recently announced major news that sent waves of competition to exchanges… Read More >

USD Tether has Nothing to Fear about USD Coin

Tether has established itself as a major fiat stabilizer in the cryptocurrency market, even though its values could still shift below and above the $1 mark, which makes people wonder how stable USD Tether (Crypto: USDT) is as a stable coin. The arguments have led to inventions by other interested parties who wish to provide… Read More >

Charitable Applications of Blockchain-Based Crypto Technology

Josh Cook, who is well-known by his username ClockUniverse in crypto-focused community channels, recently participated in a video interview to share how Terracoin aims to help people around the globe by funding charitable endeavors while also providing an alternative digital currency with certain key advantages. The full interview can be viewed on YouTube via the… Read More >