The Wild West Crypto Show Episode 60 Highlights the Increasing Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

The Wild West Crypto Show, in its latest installment (Episode 60, “Jorg Takes Over”), highlighted the most recent developments in the crypto and blockchain worlds. This episode featured Jonathan Keim, communications director of CryptoCurrencyWire, and Jorg Molt, a bitcoin pioneer and founder of the Satoshi School, which is focused on education regarding digital currency. The always informative and entertaining Wild West Crypto Show originates from Kerrville, Texas, with hosts Drew Taylor and Brent Bates.

Keim and Bates discussed cryptocurrency as it applies to horse racing, as both of them recently attended the ‘Run for the Roses’. Kentucky Derby betting with cryptocurrency continues to grow. U.S. Racing noted that more crypto was used to place wagers in 2019 than in 2018. They also acknowledged the growing popularity of crypto and how it is affecting their organization regarding wagering.

The discussion continued concerning a peer-to-peer lending platform that INLOCK has launched through which interest rates are determined by supply and demand and not by a decision from a central authority dictating terms. Fundamentally, the interest rates are priced by the market. It allows users to collateralize their crypto when the funds are actually needed. Therefore, rather than facing immediate liquidation, users can give crypto to an investor, and they can convert it to, for example, USD Coin, before converting that back to U.S. Dollars. For the lender, they get to hold the crypto. Thus, they have an asset that they control during this portion of the lending process. What this all means is that crypto has value and can be exchanged instantly, and there’s broad consensus on the actual price.

Episode 60 of the Wild West Crypto Show continued with Jorg Molt discussing crypto exchange (finance coinbase) and the recent finance hacking. Molt said that he always says to people, “No keys, no coin.” Essentially, he said that there are unregulated banks and they do not want you to access their money in the way you want. He said that this is why they do not provide a private key to you, which he says, “Is the key to your treasure.”

Molt also discussed his start of a crypto insider broadcast. He noted that it’s necessary for him to have a verified, trusted system. He said that the broadcast takes the news as it is and then re-checks for plausibility. Molt added that the reporters of the news are legitimate and well-versed on what they are reporting regarding crypto. His crypto insider reports (at $10.00 per month) are for those who want verifiable, valuable information that they can trust. He actually goes back to ensure that what is being reported to him is accurate.

Always forthright and educational, the Wild West Crypto Show continues to feature all things crypto. The show’s emphasis is always on the latest news and developments in the crypto and blockchain space.

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