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Blockchain Relations would much rather pay the community for articles and editorials than those who are simply paid to do a job. As an advocate, you have genuine passion for the project and have seen the project’s progress first-hand. If you would like to see your project get more attention, use the form below to make a content submission. Once accepted, we will then distribute to the 7 different brands part of the Blockchain Relations Brand Network and feature it in our media room.

What Do You Get for Content?

  • Get Published

    Zealous advocates make the best articles, but often don’t have a large enough following on their own to make it worth their time to write. We solve that problem!

  • Get Views

    Accepted contributions are distributed to thousands of followers through all the different accounts part of the Blockchain Relations Brand Network!

  • Get Followers

    Every article features a button to your personal Twitter account (or other social media). We’ll help you quickly get your name out there and connect to others!

  • Get Crypto

    $35 base + $0.02-0.05 per unique, verified view based on quality of visitors (paid in crypto or USD). Also, if the project engages us, you’ll get paid for more articles!

Side Benefit: Your Favorite Project Gets Mass Exposure!
Immediately after publishing, our blockchain-focused family of brands will get the word out about your favorite projects to thousands of new people following our growing brand network. And, if you want even more exposure, you can optionally decide to waive payment in exchange for reaching mainstream audiences through syndication of your article to 5,000+ news outlets via NetworkNewsWire!



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    I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Content Submission Program.