Wild West Crypto Show Discusses Rising Price of Bitcoin

The latest episode of the Wild West Crypto Show – episode 61 – was recently signed, sealed and delivered. The compelling segment included discussions on the rise in bitcoin price and other key issues concerning the industry. Episode 61 featured hosts Drew Taylor and Brent Bates examining the latest cryptocurrency news with Jonathan Keim, communications director of CryptoCurrencyWire.

The episode kicked off with a discussion about Flexa launching a global payment network and mobile app in partnership with Gemini to help people spend their cryptocurrency. Keim noted that this would be applicable to any merchant, calling the launch a real gamechanger, with some notable companies already on board, such as Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, GameStop and Lowes. “You can even go buy lumber now with crypto; that’s how far we’ve come,” Keim stated on the episode.

Next, the trio discussed Grayscale Investments, which is telling investors to drop gold and move to crypto. Grayscale is focusing its campaign on educating people to change their mindsets regarding modern investment opportunities. Keim said that Grayscale is building awareness of its flagship Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which is publicly traded on the OTC Markets.

The next topic of discussion was Charlie Shrem and his forthcoming podcast on the history of crypto. The podcast will feature the untold stories of how crypto came to be. Keim observed that this podcast provides history that’s typically unavailable, because it comes from people who were actually involved in the evolution of digital currency. Shrem was one of the industry’s earliest advocates.

Next up on the Wild West Crypto Show were guests Juan Villaverde and Martin Weiss from the Weiss Report, who discussed the recent run-up in crypto prices. It was noted that a major reason bitcoin prices are rising is based on fears that Bitfinex might fail. It was also pointed out that it is much easier for the average investor today to buy bitcoin via a variety of derivatives and other mechanisms. Usage of bitcoin has been surging, approaching all-time highs.

The hosts observed that bitcoin is trading on good foundational news; they also mentioned that STOs (security token offerings) may be a logical next step for the securities market and cryptocurrency. It’s all about the blockchain bringing much-needed transparency, they noted.

The group discussed the distributed ledger being cleaner, less expensive, faster and immutable, allowing investors to trace their shares better. The discussion also touched on more STOs coming online, which will lend a level of credibility that cryptocurrency needs.

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