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A Walk through Blockchain — 24 Hours using Blockchain Technology — Part 1

This article was originally published on Medium by Florent Moulin and can be found here: I’ve been talking about blockchain to my friends and family for quite some time now. If most of them do understand that blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a… Read More >

Interactive Case Study: Global Public Relations Campaign for Crypto Community

Today, we released a comprehensive case study summarizing the results of our community-approved initiative to introduce SmartCash to a global audience. To view the interactive case study, visit: Highlights of the case study include: Full overview of the strategy executed as well as a list of completed objectives Download links to 600+ pages of… Read More >

Terracoin ($TRC) Introduces In-Wallet GUI Proposal Voting, TRCpay and New Website

Terracoin made a series of announcements in its weekly update. The core wallet was updated to allow for submission of proposals, voting of proposals, and alerts for future updates. Importantly, anyone, even those who do not own masternodes, can submit a proposal for the masternode community to vote on. Together, these updates are designed to… Read More >

How to do Public Relations for Crypto

When we first approached a handful of cryptos last year about helping them reach mass audiences via media networks, the response they all gave was shocking to us. Even though each of them had innovations designed specifically for mainstream audiences, all of them initially thought it would be a waste of time to reach out… Read More >

New Crypto Innovation Poised to Disrupt Multi-Trillion-Dollar Global Digital Payments Market

The widely distributed editorial below was a joint effort between Blockchain Relations and NetworkNewsWire. NetworkNewsWire presents CryptoCurrencyWire commentary: There is a massive, underserved target market out there for cryptocurrency – a market succinctly delineated by World Bank statistics that indicate 2 billion or more people worldwide are unbanked, as well as by FDIC data that… Read More >

The Unique Impact of SmartCash ($SMART): Helio Gómez’s Personal Story

Crypto enthusiasts are excited about the massive impact crypto-assets can potentially have on the world. Although speculating about and working towards these long-term visions is extremely important, it’s equally as important to be aware of the ways in which crypto is already impacting people’s lives today. SmartCash (Crypto: SMART) has already proved to be tremendously… Read More >

The Most Revolutionary Aspects of SmartCash ($SMART)

SmartCash (Crypto: SMART) has the main goal of achieving mainstream adoption with mass merchant acceptance around the world. Its ability to conduct transactions provides multiple improvements over other cryptos and conventional payment methods alike. This includes fast transfer times, practically free transactions at less than 1/10th a cent, a host of user-friendly features, a massive… Read More >

Terracoin ($TRC): A First-Ever Crypto with Next-Gen Tech and a Giving Community

Terracoin (Crypto: TRC) is a decentralized, community-centric crypto intent on becoming the world’s most scalable and user-friendly payment system. The long-term goal is to reach mainstream adoption while remaining committed to the community’s overall purpose of helping people. The sustainable self-funding communal governance model empowers the Terracoin community with the resources needed. Plus, Terracoin users… Read More >