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Shark Tank Open Casting Call to Provide Entrepreneurs with Pitching Opportunities during Run for the Unicorns

Run for the Unicorns 2019, assembling the top innovators in fintech, ICOs and blockchain technology in Louisville, Kentucky, during Derby Week, will be starting strong on April 29 with a Shark Tank casting call and a VIP investor dinner. The open call casting session will take place at the University Club in Louisville. Featuring some… Read More >

A Walk through Blockchain — 24 Hours using Blockchain Technology — Part 1

This article was originally published on Medium by Florent Moulin and can be found here: I’ve been talking about blockchain to my friends and family for quite some time now. If most of them do understand that blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a… Read More >

The Oldest Masternode Cryptocurrency (Hint: Not Dash)

Introduced as a form of electronic cash, Bitcoin (Crypto: BTC) created an entirely new kind of asset class when it was released as open-source software in 2009. Very few heard of this new invention until the price and usage of Bitcoin skyrocketed late last year. However, the sudden spike of demand made it clear that… Read More >

How Cryptocurrency can Provide Ongoing Funding for Non-Profits

The invention of cryptocurrencies has impacted the world in many ways, but most of the discussions that have taken place only focus on business and personal finance implications. Very few have thought of how cryptocurrency could become an invaluable source of funding for non-profit organizations. Continual Revenue for Ongoing Needs Anyone involved with a non-profit… Read More >

Changelly and Cex Get New Competitor as Announces MCO Visa Card

When the CEO of Amazon Jeff Beroz was releasing the end-of-the-year report about the performance of the company, he made an observation of how creativity and competitiveness could improve the gains of a business. Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Monaco, which was rebranded to, recently announced major news that sent waves of competition to exchanges… Read More >