PINNED: 2017-2019 Recap and Inspiration for New Opportunities

The mission of Blockchain Relations from the very beginning has always been to help blockchain and crypto-related technologies achieve greater visibility among audiences that weren’t yet adopting the innovations. This was to help the innovators see real implementation of their technologies for tangible and significant impact on societies around the world, while helping mainstream individuals benefit from the new possibilities being created.

I’m sure we could all say we see things a lot differently this year than late 2017 when Blockchain Relations (and the associated brands in the Blockchain Relations Brand Network) was established. Once certain things became clearer due to particular articles and personal experiences in 2018, we had no choice but to shift direction ourselves.

One of the things I was hoping to see far more use of was our ability to help active supporters of various blockchain/crypto technologies and platforms get far more visibility through syndication of articles on well-recognized websites like StreetInsider and International Business Times (as well as our own brands, which are mainly followed by growing audiences already engaged in the space). There are so many great people out there that have come across exciting projects and have the desire to tell others, but they don’t have their own audiences. We aimed to give them the active listeners that are so hard to get, in addition to other incentives, resulting in the sharing of ideas with more people, more often. You can learn more about the Content Submission Program via our original announcement released almost two years ago: Blockchain Relations Launches Multi-Brand Publishing Platform for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Enthusiasts.

Despite challenges, an effective way to succeed with the original mission was discovered.

On a personal level, while Blockchain Relations on its own didn’t fully achieve everything that was originally envisioned, I do feel really great about accomplishing the original mission of Blockchain Relations every day since the first day my original vision was manifested. It’s just been through a different brand called CrytoCurrencyWire. This is one of 40+ different brands part of the InvestorBrandNetwork, which I’ve been a part of in various capacities for more than a decade. It is also the platform with the underlying infrastructure that made our syndication of submitted articles possible on widely-followed, news-oriented outlets.

The main way the original mission is being carried out today is by getting new individuals to conferences where they can learn from many different experts in the field to get a well-rounded perspective, while also getting the chance to see the latest technologies via exhibitor halls and live demonstrations on stage. Of course, by working closely with organizers and attending so many conferences the past 2 years, CryptoCurrencyWire has been given many opportunities to help innovators companies like Bitstop gain far more traction from their achievements and build additional momentum (such as getting a Bitcoin ATM installed at the Miami International Airport and then later getting more ATMs installed within multiple locations of the largest US mall operator; notably, both crypto-specific like Cointelegraph and mainstream outlets like TheStreet added more fuel to the fire with their coverage, which is a direct result of the service provided by CryptoCurrencyWire).

Going forward, we are searching for more strategic alliances to further the cause.

Here are current domain addresses we’re currently reserving for future projects and would love to team up with others via collaborative agreements modeled after the beneficial arrangements executed (and re-executed) with some of the biggest crypto/blockchain events in the world such as The Blockchain Futurist Conference (#1 in Canada), North American Bitcoin Conference (BTC Miami), World Crypto Conference (produced by EVOLV), and many others. Some of my favorite domains are listed at the beginning of the list, and I believe they all have significant potential.

If you would like to learn more about my background and/or reach out to start a discussion, please visit the following LinkedIn profile link:

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Keim
Chief Project Manager