Voice of Blockchain Conference Placing Core Values on Center Stage

The Voice of Blockchain Conference didn’t become the largest blockchain and digital asset event in the Midwest by accident. Sure, the location – VenueSIX10 – is stunning. And yes, the lineup of speakers – more than 200 experts in a range of fields – is impressive. However, what has made this event truly distinctive are Voice of Blockchain’s core values.

First, Voice of Blockchain believes that quality combined with trust creates value. This relationship of trust starts at the beginning of the process, with Voice of Blockchain creating important connections with speakers and sponsors. Satisfied partnerships create better experiences, not just for conference organizers but guests as well.

With that in mind, Voice of Blockchain will welcome Factom Protocol and BlocWatch as two of this year’s sponsors. The significant contributions of these sponsors to the conference, as well as the world of blockchain, are noteworthy. Other sponsors of the Voice of Blockchain conference include TD Ameritrade, Deloitte, Fidelity Digital Assets, Abstrakt, Bloxroute, Enigma, Helium, Seed CX and CryptoCurrencyWire, the premier portal for developments in the crypto space. Guests can visit with these sponsors throughout the conference to learn more about the services they provide and the value they create in the blockchain space.

Voice of Blockchain also values diversity. By paying attention to who is speaking and reaching out to traditionally underrepresented groups, Voice of Blockchain hopes to stimulate new ideas and growth in the industry. This value is clearly represented in this year’s roster, which includes over 200 talented speakers from a variety of fields. Voice of Blockchain guests will hear from people such as Kavita Jain, director of FINRA; Nadine Strossen, professor of law at New York Law School; Paul Doherty, CEO of the Digit Group; and Sunayna Tuteja, head of digital assets at TD Ameritrade, as these experts bring their considerable knowledge and experience to the table.

Furthermore, Voice of Blockchain’s organizers believe that one of the best ways for guests to experience the greatest ROI is by providing unique learning opportunities. After all, why travel to a conference just to hear something that could be easily summed up in a YouTube video? Voice of Blockchain is dedicated to curating impactful experiences for its guests. This is accomplished by providing powerful networking opportunities and allowing professionals from different fields to come together and learn from each other.

In fact, Voice of Blockchain is committed to “connecting the blockchain ecosystem,” gathering people from corporate and enterprise, digital assets and marketing, and innovation and impact to build a better future for blockchain.

This year, the second annual Voice of Blockchain will run from September 30 to October 1 in Chicago. Those interested in joining this blockchain ecosystem can visit the Voice of Blockchain website now for registration.

For more information, visit the event’s website at www.VoiceofBlockchain.com