Facts about Liberalcoins Exchange as It Integrates Zcash Trading

Prior to the era of cryptocurrency and its pronounced usage, the traditional means of transacting with fiat is either through banks or bureau de change. However, there is a surge in the number of cryptocurrency exchanges with some having made a global presence while others are still struggling for relevance.

Many within the cryptocurrency community might not have heard about Liberalcoins Exchange, which is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that has some unique attributes.

Some of the facts about Liberalcoins exchange are:

1) It is the only cryptocurrency platform that uses the full Segwit Bech 32 bitcoin (Crypto: BTC) address. Other cryptocurrency exchange platforms have not come to terms in switching over to bitcoin bech 32 address; otherwise known as full Segwit. Liberalcoins exchange permits users to send and receive bitcoin with these addresses.

2) It supports anonymous usage. Most of the top exchanges requires the filling of a know your customer (kyc) form, and also need identity and location verification before a user will be allowed to transact with them. This is unlike Liberalcoins exchange that does not require such.

3) Withdrawals are released after it has been completed. There had been targeted cyber attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges. However, in Liberalcoins exchange, any hack will yield nothing since funds are safeguarded in other addresses and released after a user permits it.

4) It is not a zero fee exchange. We have some zero fee cryptocurrency exchange like Robinhood. In Liberalcoins exchange, transactions fee of at least 0.5% is paid.

5) It supports Zcash trading. Many exchanges are not comfortable with listing privacy coins like Zcash and Monero. However, Liberalcoins had the courage to list the coin for the benefit of local traders that want to trade it. According to Founder Simon Lange: “We are delighted to expand our range of privacy coins. We are the first local peer-to-peer exchange that offers Zcash and we hope to become the home of Zcash trading. Privacy is important to us as a company – and to our users. We hope to continue this development.”

6) It does not use Google analytics: this is to ensure that user information is not tracked by them.

Contributed by: Nwaru Chukwuemeka

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