Apple Approves TRCpay from Terracoin ($TRC) for the iOS App Store

With more than 700 million iPhones now being used worldwide, having an iOS app available is crucial for any crypto to achieve mass adoption. However, Apple has a well-known history of being extremely selective when it comes to approving cryptocurrency-focused apps, and guidelines were recently made even more strict just last month when Apple updated its app guidelines.

But, as of last week, Terracoin is now part of a very select group of cryptocurrencies with an official app available for download on Apple’s App Store. The multi-lingual TRCpay app allows users to hold Terracoin, create multiple wallets, use the multi-signature security feature, perform backups, make secure payments, customize wallet naming and background colors, and view TRC’s value in 150+ different currencies.

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About Terracoin

Terracoin (Crypto: TRC) is a decentralized, community-centric crypto intent on becoming the world’s most scalable and user-friendly payment system. The long-term goal is to reach mainstream adoption while remaining committed to the community’s overall purpose of helping people. The sustainable self-funding communal governance model empowers the Terracoin community with the resources needed. Plus, Terracoin users are in full control of how the funds are spent since they can vote on how to disperse the funds.

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