The CafeCoin Foundation is Releasing the Ultimate Utility Token to Connect Mechants & Consumers

ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands, March 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A group of leading Columbia University Ph.D. Scientists have developed an all-new game-changing utility token called CafeCoin. The coin has been developed with an aim to pioneer a payment token that can be easily used by mass market consumers and merchants without the hassle typically associated with crypto-based payments. The creators of this remarkable crypto platform have also released a white paper detailing the features and benefits of this coin and this white paper is now available online at

“The CafeCoin Foundation is proudly introducing an innovation on the use of blockchain technology in form of this revolutionary coin. More than just another coin or token, CafeCoin has partnered with real businesses offering true everyday savings to consumers who pay with CafeCoin,” said the spokesperson of The CafeCoin Foundation, while introducing this new cryptocurrency platform. Instead of paying the usual fees, CafeCoin transactions will be essentially fee free, allowing consumers and merchants to keep more of their own money instead of paying third party service providers. “We are aiming to apply our leadership, experience, and technical capabilities to make CafeCoin the leading decentralized utility payment token adopted by consumers and merchants,” he added. According to the white paper, this coin is different than most contemporary cryptocurrencies because it provides true tangible benefits and savings to both investors and merchants.

Based on the current market scenario, CafeCoin is basically emerging as a one-stop solution as well as a true utility token to satisfy global demand for a mass-market utility token that is accepted by real brick and mortar stores. Moreover, the platform offers easy to use mobile applications for everyone and its integrating policy makes it easier for people from all backgrounds to understand and utilize its value. Furthermore, the CafeCoin is designed to minimize volatility in its price, while maximizing the market utility of this coin to create a win-win scenario for its users.

For more information and to become a part of the CafeCoin Foundation’s technological and intellectual growth and development, please visit the website at:

Company Name: The CafeCoin Foundation

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