Terracoin ($TRC) Introduces In-Wallet GUI Proposal Voting, TRCpay and New Website

Terracoin made a series of announcements in its weekly update. The core wallet was updated to allow for submission of proposals, voting of proposals, and alerts for future updates. Importantly, anyone, even those who do not own masternodes, can submit a proposal for the masternode community to vote on. Together, these updates are designed to increase participation in decentralized governance while also improving the security of the network.

TRCpay, a light-weight Android wallet, allows for easy mobile usage. Features include easy-to-use multi-signature functionality, which can be used to require the permission of two individuals before a transaction is made. Additionally, the wallet has no requirement for syncing the whole blockchain; thereby, eliminating a long wait before using the wallet and reducing file size requirements substantially.

The new website has also officially launched to introduce a revamped appearance and “a ton more content” compared to the prior website.

For more information via the Terracoin website, visit https://terracoin.io/

To view an interactive flipbook and learn how to engage with the community, visit https://www.blockchainrelations.io/clients/terracoin/flipbook/

About Terracoin

Terracoin (Crypto: TRC) is a decentralized, community-centric crypto intent on becoming the world’s most scalable and user-friendly payment system. The long-term goal is to reach mainstream adoption while remaining committed to the community’s overall purpose of helping people. The sustainable self-funding communal governance model empowers the Terracoin community with the resources needed. Plus, Terracoin users are in full control of how the funds are spent since they can vote on how to disperse the funds.