Neblio (NEBL)

Neblio (Crypto: NEBL) was founded by Eddy Smith and Ann Jackson with the goal of simplifying and accelerating the adoption of blockchain-based business solutions. Although blockchain technology has much to offer the world of business today with its unparalleled advantages, adoption in the form of enterprise-ready tools have not really come available as quickly as one would expect. One of the reasons for this is the complexity of blockchain technology and the difficulty of adapting it to the existing, more centralized, model.

Adaptability, Simplicity, and Security

Neblio is focused on eliminating the barrier separating traditional enterprise and blockchain technology. The Neblio blockchain will be offering support for many of the common programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, Objective-C, and Ruby. Underneath these language libraries however, will be Neblio’s RESTful API layer. These APIs will be able to operate on and seamlessly interact with Windows, iOS, and Android; among many other operating systems. And, as a result of the decentralized Neblio nodes that operate and secure the network, applications and transactions can operate accurately and consistently across the network.

Neblio highlights:

  • Python, Go, JS, Ruby, .NET, Java, Node.js and others to be supported
  • RESTful API suite
  • Decentralized nodes
  • Massive opportunity with enterprise market
  • Very low token supply and market cap

Business wishing to integrate blockchain solutions into their data management systems will be able to use any of the common languages that Neblio supports as well as the API suite that undergirds them. With Neblio angling to provide support for common languages as well as the RESTful API’s that are easily understood by modern developers, Neblio is poised to bring blockchain solutions in ready reach of large and small enterprises alike. The importance of this cannot be overstated as the pool of talent for developing custom blockchain technology is very small.

Tapping into a pre-established, ready-to-integrate platform is ideal, but you may ask yourself how secure will businesses feel if they are sharing the same platform with others. One of the unique features of the Neblio blockchain will be the ability to operate a private network. In some applications, such as healthcare, an extra layer of privacy is absolutely essential. Neblio will allow for users to tweak the open source code to create their own unique, separate and private blockchain for any particular need.

Furthermore, the Neblio token protocol is one hundred percent proof of stake. This means decentralized individual stakeholders are securing the network instead of the energy intensive mining pools common to other blockchains. Each token holder has the opportunity to operate a node that processes transactions as well as application requests. These nodes require very little energy and in return for maintaining and securing the network provide the stakeholder with about 10% return per year if always left on. These rewards provide incentive for the stakeholders to maintain long-term holdings, increasing the stability of the network.

A Great Track Record with Progress and Steady Development

One of the notable things about Neblio is the development team’s ability to deliver on their promises. At the time of the ICO, they had a wallet ready and within several weeks they had an android app. They now have wallets for Windows, Linux, iOS (currently in the approval process), as well as for the mini computer Raspberry Pi. Initial testing of the RESTful API suite began several weeks before the target date, as well.

The Neblio team has also continued to grow in recent months. From humble beginnings with just two co-founders, Eddy Smith and Ann Jackson, the team now includes Yuval Amar as their marketing advisor. Yuval has 12 years of experience in the marketing field and has led teams in multiple industries. Another addition to the team is Riley Stockton as a developer. Riley has experience in predictive analytics and data pipeline management, as well as RESTful API integrations. The most recent addition to the team is Samer Afach who holds a PhD in atomic and particle physics as well as more than ten years of experience with C++ and Python programming.

With its focus on simplicity and ease of adoption, Neblio is poised to fill a real need in the business world today rapidly. The team’s ability to deliver on their road map since the very beginning, as well as the strength of decentralized blockchain technology, makes Neblio a top candidate for any radar. With the development team expanding and moving full speed ahead, there is sure to be much more to come.

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