QTUM Announces Global Virtual Hackathon

SINGAPORE, July 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — QTUM today announced the QTUM Hackathon, a global virtual event inviting developers to create the next wave of decentralized and open-source applications. Developers are invited to build their teams of up to five participants now, and demos are due September 16, 2018. QTUM will host a series of webinars (July 26, August 12, and September 2) allowing developers to engage with the QTUM team and blockchain experts to learn about new features. Hackathon participants have a chance to win Qtum tokens equaling $500,000 and a trip to Devcon 2018 in San Francisco.

“Together, we can use QTUM to change the face of digital content, entertainment, identification, and more through the blockchain economy,” said Patrick Dai, co-founder of QTUM. “We look forward to fostering innovation in the QTUM developer community and beyond.”

Hackathon teams must complete a participation agreement to compete. Teams will retain full ownership of everything they build. Winning teams will be subject to a code review, and winners will be subject to an identity check prior to the release of any cash prizes. Developers, designers and entrepreneurs are required to confirm they agree to the contest terms and conditions in order to be eligible to win.

Each hackathon submission will be scored in each round based on simplicity, creativity, impact, design, and QTUM usage, with a minimum score of 0 points and a maximum score of 25 points. Each final score will be the average of the judges’ scores.

For more information or to apply, please visit: https://hackathon.qtum.org/

About QTUM
QTUM is a blockchain application platform. At its core, QTUM combines the advantages of Bitcoin Core, an Account Abstraction Layer allowing for multiple virtual machines, and a proof-of-stake consensus protocol aimed at tackling industry use cases. The QTUM Foundation, headquartered in Singapore, is the decision-making body that drives the project’s development. Learn more at qtum.org.

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