News Hash – Publicly Traded Company Acquires More Groestlcoin ($GRS)

Tauriga Sciences, Inc., a publicly traded company focused on developing, distributing, and licensing proprietary products while also evaluating potential acquisition opportunities/equity investments, announced via GlobeNewswire that it has increased its stake in Groestlcoin (Symbol: GRS) using the company’s available cash position. The company now reports an aggregate stake of exactly 29,862 units.

About Groestlcoin

Groestlcoin prides itself as the first crypto-asset to activate Segwit and the first one to complete a “Lightning Network” mainnet transaction. It also boasts private transactions, ASIC resistance, multi-platform wallets, low power usage and an extremely interested and growing community with major development releases every 3 months. Launched 4 years ago in March of 2014, today Groestlcoin has a team of more than 20 developers collaborating to produce the ideal, all-in-one “coin”.

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