News Hash – New UI Revealed For Blocknet ($BLOCK) Wallet

Just recently, Blocknet unveiled their wallet redesign. Aiming to streamline the UI to make it more convenient and improve readability, the redesign is scheduled to go live late Q2 – early Q3 of this year. The current wallet UI is a lightly skinned version of the original Bitcoin QT wallet, while the new look will be customized to better accommodate Blocknet’s unique features. It will give users faster access to functions with fewer clicks, while also efficiently using space to display additional information while reducing clutter.

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About Blocknet

The Blocknet is positioning itself as a connector between blockchains, markets and communities without being an intermediary by functioning as a true peer-to-peer protocol. Aiming to serve as a general-purpose infrastructure for inter-blockchain services, Blocknet anticipates enabling the delivery of potentially any kind of digital service from a node on any blockchain to a node on any other blockchain.

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