ivyKoin™ Helping Banks Pivot Toward the Future of Financial Transactions

LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ivyKoin™, a breakthrough new cryptocurrency poised to become the next Ripple, will bridge the great divide between businesses and banks, facilitating the safe, secure and regulatory-compliant use of cryptocurrency-based transactions.

Yearning to embrace the future yet constrained by the past, banks have for years been unable to benefit from the speed and security of blockchain technology as a result of strict regulations demanding full transactional transparency.

Fortunately, however, banking institutions around the world will soon be able to take a bold new step forward thanks to innovative blockchain technology from ivyKoin™ which allows for voluntary de-anonymization and thereby facilitates complete regulatory compliance.

Offering a proprietary new blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed for business transactions of $10,000 or more which require extensive verification in the international monetary system, ivyKoin™ embeds far more Know Your Transaction (KYT) and Know Your Customer (KYC) information into payments than incumbent payment networks.

The result: a cryptocurrency financial institutions can finally bank on.

As ivyKoin™ team member Gary Fan recently commented, “Most banks, large and small, have adopted various technologies and partnerships using blockchain to improve internal procedures and business practices. However, banks have not found a consistent solution of accepting cryptocurrencies like the way they accept fiat currencies today. This is primarily due to the anonymity inherent in cryptocurrencies. ivyKoin™ is building a solution to solve that problem and legitimize payments and transactions from the perspective of banks and regulators.”

While there are of course countless benefits to switching to blockchain-based transactions for business owners (speed, reliability, security), there are just as many for the banks themselves. These include:

  • New Revenue Opportunities – Banks will now be able to capture deposits from a growing $400 billion market while adding millennials as new customers and cross selling banking products and services to a previously unbankable population.
  • Reduce Fraud Losses – Blockchain technology paired with ivy’s customized solution will create more visibility and transparency cutting down on today’s fraudulent transactions.
  • Cost Savings – Banks will be able to enjoy reduced vendor fees, scalable operations, headcount considerations, heightened efficiency and streamlined automation (the ivyKoin™ platform can easily be integrated into existing banking software).

ivyKoin™ is led by a world-class team of fintech leaders with a long-standing track record of success. The company’s experienced executive team is supported by a global advisory board with vast industry knowledge and networks across all relevant verticals.

About ivyKoin™
ivyKoin™ is building a blockchain based cryptocurrency for business transactions, particularly those exceeding $10,000 which require extensive verification in the international monetary system. ivyKoin™ will embed far more Know Your Transaction (KYT) and Know Your Customer (KYC) information into payments than incumbent payment networks. ivyKoin™ seeks to bridge the gap between current global financial systems and the emergence of cryptocurrencies, positioning itself as the future for global payments.  Join the ivyKoin™ conversation on Telegram today: https://t.me/ivyKoinchat.

Jed Wallace
Brand Wagon Agency

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