Introducing Blocklancer ($LNC): The Crypto Platform That Can Revolutionize Freelancing

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, the Blocklancer (Crypto: LNC) website categorizes the network as a Distributed Autonomous Job Marketplace (DAJ). Blocklancer is completely run by its token holders. It’s a self-regulated system that was created to better the freelancing industry by making it both fairer and more efficient.

There are several downsides to the current freelancer platforms, including high fees, biases, and unreliable payment. Blocklancer is a decentralized freelancing platform designed to mitigate or fix these issues. Blocklancer will provide a reliable payment system on a platform that can’t be abused with fake profile reviews and other freelancing aspects that are commonly manipulated in the current industry.

Through Blocklancer, payment is guaranteed, but it is not released unless the employer is satisfied with the work and/or the milestones have been met. If there is some sort of dispute over payment, thousands of unbiased token holders can vote to settle the dispute, rather than a single biased central authority. This ensures that money is only paid when the work is done as agreed upon, preventing unfair money loss — something that occurs frequently in the current freelancing industry.

Most freelancer platforms have hefty fees that take a significant amount of money from both freelancers and those hiring freelancers — this is how these centralized platforms profit. Blocklancer, on the other hand, takes only a 3% cut, making the process far more reliable and lucrative for both freelancers and customers. What’s more, all of the fees that are made through jobs on the Blocklance platform are distributed back to the token holders.

But, Blocklancer offers many more benefits than just reliable payments and significantly smaller fees. The community strives to make finding jobs as simple as possible, whether or not you fully understand what the blockchain is. They offer a user-friendly job market platform. Freelancers can build their reputation and even have customers reach out to them directly for help on projects.

Aside from benefiting freelancers, Blocklancer also makes it easy for those in need of hiring freelancers. Job offers can be posted on the job market platform for freelancers to find, and they can then contact the employer directly. In stark contrast to current platforms, there is no censorship on the Blocklancer platform; the blockchain is immutable, so job offers cannot be deleted.

Their utility token is called Lancer Token (LNC). As mentioned earlier, anyone that holds LNC actually receives a portion of the revenue that is generated from jobs on the Blocklancer platform. Plus, token holders have the ability to vote in their “Tokenholder Tribunal” in order to settle disputes and keep the job market fair.

Blocklancer has the potential to decentralize the freelancing industry, which can greatly benefit freelancers and those that are hiring. They’ve already developed the Smart Contracts for their freelancing platform. As of right now, the Blocklancer team is in the process of frontend redesign, infrastructure setup, integrating the Tokenholder Tribunal, and more. They plan on creating a mobile app for their platform in the near future.

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Authored by: Sean White

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