ICONOMI ($ICN) and The Power of Blockchain-Based Funds

With the explosive growth seen in the cryptocurrency space, many professional investors and the public at large are eager to dip their toes and test the waters of this market. Most are apprehensive about doing so, however, due to the many uncertainties and dangers present. Plus, there is a lot of difficulty when attempting to diversifying a basket of cryptocurrencies.

A new fintech start-up called ICONOMI (Crypto: ICN) aims to change all of that through the introduction of their DAAs™ (digital asset arrays) and the corresponding platform. A DAA™ allows anyone to instantly diversify funds across a wide selection of digital assets available on ICONOMI’s platform in seconds. Because of the way it is built, the platform is operational around the clock and arrays can be created, modified, or destroyed at any point in time to provide a fully customized blend of risk/benefit exposure.

In addition to giving users the ability to create their own custom DAAs™, ICONOMI’s platform also allows anyone to publicly share these arrays instantly. This means that not every user is required to create their own basket of assets. Far from it, in fact. Most traders are likely to shop around and pick a few of the many baskets that are readily available. The automated and decentralized nature of the whole process keeps the fees low, allowing far more people to enter the marketplace and provide liquidity. Additionally, these pre-made arrays are made by all sorts of parties, including capital management firms, individuals, software developers, scientists, writers and many others coming from highly varied backgrounds.

Initially, this may seem counter-intuitive, but it offers a unique advantage. Many of these individuals have spent a large portion of their lives working in and learning about their respective industries and fields. They all offer a unique insight into the crypto space and can filter out relevant information according to a set of assumptions not available to most professional investors or the public at large. Blockchain tech has far-reaching applications across every industry sector and field of study, and, because of this, it is exceedingly difficult to filter out the projects that hold promise from those trying to sell hype. That is unless one becomes an expert in all areas of human knowledge.

By leveraging the knowledge of the experts themselves and revealing which projects they think are providing valid solutions and solid execution, ICONOMI provides a platform where individuals can leverage specialized insights and build a diversified bag of promising cryptos. Through their decentralized platform (and the liquidity and scaling capability that it provides), anyone can trade however they want within cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, making this potentially a very important part of the future widespread adoption of crypto.

For more information on ICONOMI, visit https://www.iconomi.net/

Authored by: Vlad Prykhodko

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