ECoinmerce To Accept McAfee Redemption Unit Currency

SINGAPORE , June 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ECoinmerce, the world’s first decentralized and tokenized E-commerce marketplace, today announces they will accept the McAfee Redemption Unity (MRU) currency for all products available to purchase or pre-order on the ECoinmerce Marketplace Preview.

The currency is intended to reserve personal time with cryptocurrency influencer John McAfee. According to McAfee, users can redeem the currency by appearing at an address in Mexico between 1-3 PM to then they will receive a separate date, time, and location to meet.

“We love the idea of reversing what banks are attempting by creating a collectible fiat currency backed by crypto,” said ECoinmerce COO Rex Chen. “But due to the restrictive and expensive nature of actually using the currency, we want to give all future MRU holders another option to spend it in case they can’t or don’t want to travel to Mexico.”

To spend the paper currency, ECoinmerce will offer printable order forms for MRU holders to place orders and an interactive widget to lock in an exchange rate for their MRU. Consumers will be able to use the widget to determine how much MRU is due for their desired product(s), print an order form and invoice, then mail the currency and order form to ECoinmerce for fulfillment.

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