DNAtix Launches a First Pilot of an Anonymous Blockchain Based Full Genome Sequencing

CALABASAS, Calif., July 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Digital DNAtix Ltd., the genetics blockchain company, today announced the pilot of a breakthrough blockchain-based infrastructure and ecosystem for anonymous genetic testing, services and research. Lack of privacy is currently the barrier for so many people who want to be tested but are afraid to give their genetic data away. Anyone can anonymously upload partial and/or full genome sequences onto the DNAtix platform; contributors own their genomic data and use it to make informed decisions. The DNAtix genetics ecosystem links individual users in search of health solutions, or answers to genetic enquiries, with products and services that fit their needs.

To ensure the security and anonymity on the platform, DNAtix has developed the genetic wallet that will facilitate a wide range of anonymous genetic services. The DNA collection kit you buy and the ‘wallet’ created for you on the DNAtix website are connected through a code that is only provided on the kit at time of purchase – which is paid with cash. By using the wallet you become a code in the system and DNAtix doesn’t know who you are. When the sequence of your DNA reaches the system, it knows to put the data into your wallet so your DNA is fully private and you remain anonymous.

“DNAtix is solving the privacy issue once and for all by testing highly sensitive DNA data with the first infrastructure blockchain ecosystem solution for anonymous genetic services,” said Ofer A. Lidsky, DNAtix CEO and CTO. “Anonymity will help so many people really utilize genetics testing and research.”

Consumers, healthcare institutions, research centers, clinics, genetic counselors and others interested in using, testing, or gathering DNA data can now connect, work together for better health solutions and feel confident in sharing their genetic information.

Technology Breakthroughs: An entire genetics ecosystem on the blockchain
DNAtix is the first company to successfully transfer a genetic sequence over the Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric Blockchains.  DNAtix intends to be the first to securely bring unsourced full genome sequencing into the mainstream through a direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform.

Opening the door for advancements in research, new treatments, and cutting-edge personalized and preventive medicine, DNAtix’s D2C platform will provide full genome testing and access to services and solutions on the Blockchain and will allow researchers to use anonymous DNA, stored on the DNAtix infrastructure, to create tests, do research and design new treatments.

DNAtix has developed an open source tool for DNA compression to overcome some of the challenges related to genomic data size.

GitHub repository: https://github.com/DNAtix/DNAtix-DNA-Compression-Tool

DNAtix, a cutting-edge genetics and blockchain company, is building the infrastructure for the world’s genetic ecosystem where researchers, hospitals, developers, clinicians and others will develop next generation, decentralized genetics applications and health management solutions. DNAtix is also developing a direct-to-consumer platform that offers anonymous and encrypted genome sequencing and genetic services, including digitized DNA analysis, storage and transfer.  The DNAtix genetics ecosystem is a place where consumers and the industry can meet to share genetic data in a more transparent, accessible, applicable and secured manner. DNAtix is developing the future ecosystem for Genetics which is Blockchain based and includes cutting edge new innovative ideas and technologies. With a first successful proof of concept already completed for transferring a DNA sequence over the Ethereum blockchain DNAtix is leading the world of Genetic blockchain.  www.dnatix.com  For more info about DNAtix please contact: info@dnatix.com.

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