Dent ($DENT): Creating a Worldwide Data Marketplace

The crypto-currency world is an extremely diverse ecosystem. There are coins that strive to spread out across an entire economy and other coins that specialize on a particular purpose. Dent is a coin that has an aggressive yet single goal in mind. Dent seeks to create an open and global marketplace for the buying and selling of mobile data.

Breaking Barriers

Telecommunication companies today are not known for inter-operating seamlessly with each other. Particularly when political and geographical barriers are involved. Of course, a person traveling from the USA to a foreign country will still need access to mobile data. However, even if mobile data is available, local area roaming charges can make it very expensive (often prohibitively so) to have the same degree of access abroad as well as at home. By forming a global marketplace based on blockchain technology, Dent seeks to streamline the current fragmented data marketplace.

Global Solutions

The first goal of the Dent team is the liberation of mobile data. By positioning the Dent token as the world-wide currency for mobile data, a free and open data sharing economy can be born. Since the blockchain technology that the Dent network operates on is a truly decentralized and global network, it will be able to benefit users regardless of national, geographical, or commercial boundaries.

Second on the list of the Dent team’s objectives is the disruption of international roaming. By creating a marketplace where any user could trade data with any other user using DENT as a means of exchange, international roaming charges will be largely a thing of the past. Also, expensive routings between telecommunication companies will be unnecessary.

The third objective will be the Dent network’s ability to carry on automated transactions. This will greatly facilitate both consumers and IOT devices. The Dent network will provide the capability for not only Dent users to buy and sell, but will also support automation as well. Automated applications will be capable of searching out and automatically purchasing the best deals for Dent users. By accounting for both geographic availability and price, data for people and machines will become more available and affordable than ever.

A Road Map for Success

The Dent project was originated by Tero Katajainen in 2014. The project began as Commando Coder LTD. This was an automated market system with built-in risk management functions. The project began to morph and in January of 2017 Tero was joined by Mikko Linnamäki and Andreas Vollmer. Dent was born and in December of 2017 the team launched a ICO. It was quite successful and there are now over 10 million DENT circulating with a market cap of over $400 million.

As 2017 wound to a close, the Dent development team released the first version of the dent app for iOS. The android release is planned for the beginning of 2018. The next step will be enabling Dent users to earn DENT by watching ads from sponsoring companies. Goals for the second quarter of 2018 include enabling global remittance of DENT from user to user, facilitating prepaid top-ups with DENT tokens, and adding more data operators and more countries to the Dent marketplace.

By mid-2018, the Dent team’s goal is to have one million registered users making Dent one of the most used blockchain application in the crypto-currency world. Dent also plans on launching its web exchange trading platform. This will enable large scale automated data plan transactions with DENT as the working currency. At this point, Dent will be well on its way to being the open and global marketplace that has been its goal from the beginning.

Focusing on the Goal

Often in the world of business startups a company can have a good idea, but get distracted along the way. Not so with Dent. Beginning with a specific, aggressive, yet possible goal, the Dent team has forged along its path with determination. Building both a successful team, and capital base, Dent has released both proof-of-concept applications and a reasonable road map for success. This is one company that is making great strides in revolutionizing the telecommunication industry.

Where to Follow for Updates

One of the best ways to stay engaged is following via Twitter: Dent’s Twitter Account.