Daplie and DapCoin Bring the Blockchain to Life for Everyone

SALT LAKE CITY, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Daplie is helping non-technical users benefit from the blockchain by partnering with DapCoin (DAP), a token that brings together decentralized apps and hardware. Today marks the launch of DapCoin’s pre-order event, where anyone can participate to obtain bonuses leading up to the official token sale on October 17, 2018.

DapCoin is an ERC20-based token that forms a critical part of a new Web 3.0 ecosystem. Similar to how Netscape brought the internet to the general consumer in the nineties, Daplie is working to bring the blockchain into the home so it can become useful to people everywhere. The ecosystem brings together decentralized hardware (Daplie Connect™), a blockchain-integrated marketplace for decentralized applications (DapStore), and a way to privately and securely transact between both (DapCoin). DapCoin allows users to:

  • Publish, purchase, and rate decentralized apps (Dapps) or even centralized apps found in the DapStore, which can then be downloaded and powered by Daplie Connect from the home. Access to a single marketplace will help take the guesswork out of finding and installing high quality Dapps, currently a time-consuming and frustrating experience.
  • Daplie will utilize DapCoin to push Connect firmware updates to the blockchain, where they’ll be third party verified and posted to the DapStore. Connect owners will receive notification of a verified update and can choose to download it from the DapStore. This means neither Daplie nor any other third party can directly access Connect devices, ensuring enhanced privacy and security for the end user.

“2018 is when we’ll see the blockchain and decentralized technology really start to go mainstream,” says Bryson Hill, Founder and CEO of Daplie. “What DapCoin and this ecosystem offer is a tangible way to bring the benefits of the blockchain and Web 3.0 into the home. The average person doesn’t care about the technology powering today’s Internet, but they care about safety, privacy, and having more control over their digital experiences. This partnership brings us much closer to that vision.”

Daplie Connect is central to this focus on security, privacy, ownership, and control. It’s a plug-and-play home server designed so that virtually anyone can use it. Connect was built for privately and securely storing and sharing files, media, and other digital assets, without having to compromise on expensive and not-private cloud storage. Each unit comes with ClearOS from ClearCenter, and the option to add patented stackable storage (up to 20 TB). For more advanced users, Connect also provides secure private key management with built-in hot and cold storage wallets for cryptocurrencies, and the ability to farm new DapCoin directly from the device. Backers can sign up to get a special bonuses and discounts at dapcoin.com.

DapCoin’s pre-order event is open to all backers, the full details of which can be found at www.dapcoin.com.

  • Backers can purchase gift cards (DapCard) and take advantage of bonus gift card offers during the pre-order event (e.g. purchase a $1,000 DapCard, get a bonus $1,000 DapCard for free). The gift cards can be used to pre-order Daplie hardware like Connect, Dapps from the DapStore, or be allocated towards DapCoin before the October token launch.

About Daplie
Daplie creates hardware that empowers individuals to take control of their digital lives. The plug-and-play decentralized home server—Connect™—sits as the foundation of a Web 3.0 ecosystem that includes a blockchain-integrated marketplace (DapStore) and a utility token (DapCoin), that together create a truly secure, private, and decentralized environment. Connect features fee-free storage and sharing, built-in hot and cold storage wallets for cryptocurrencies, and secure data access from anywhere and from any connected device. Visit daplie.com to learn more.


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