Consensus Foundation Launches Sentient Network; Simplifies Blockchain Mining with User-friendly Wallet

TORONTO, July 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In late 2017, the Consensus Foundation announced plans to build a blockchain network that will accelerate the development of artificial intelligence. Today, the company launched version one (V.1) of Sentient  — an open source blockchain project with user-friendly tools for easier consumer participation.

“Launching the Sentient network is a monumental milestone for us, however it’s just the starting point of our vision for more accessible AI. We have an audacious roadmap and very ambitious team. This launch is the first of our steps towards developing decentralized  artificial intelligence,” says Consensus Foundation founder and CEO, Oleg Gutsol.

Version one of the Sentient network is designed to promote user adoption, which is key to the later stages of the organization’s multi-year roadmap. To accomplish this, the startup has developed a consumer focused CPU mining process to mine the Sen Coin (SEN), the native cryptocurrency of the Sentient network. Now any person with a PC will be able to join the mining pool just by downloading the Sentient native wallet available at

To further expand the reach and accelerate adoption of the Sentient network, the company is offering 41x higher rewards for mined blocks beginning in early August. The reward will slowly decrease over the course of the initial few months until it reaches the standard 1000 SEN per block. Starting today anyone can set up and begin mining the network in anticipation of the reward blocks.

This consumer focus is at the core of the long-term plan, and in keeping with the team’s vision and expertise in consumer-facing tech projects.

“When we look at the next three to five years, it’s critical we bridge the gap to consumer adoption as early as possible. We need the general public to begin to understand blockchain technology — not just mining and cryptocurrencies, but also what larger and positive benefits this emerging tech can have on their lives,” says Gutsol.

About the Sentient Network
The network will employ a decentralized federated learning system designed to accelerate decision making by governments and private entities. It’s founded by Oleg Gutsol, who served as a Head of Global Growth at Government of Estonia E-Residency program, and is a former co-founder and CEO of 500px. For more information, visit:

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