Card-based Digital Currency Unveiled by Crescent Donation Coin

SINGAPORE, March 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Singapore-based Crescent Donation Coin PTE, LTD.  has just announced that their groundbreaking cryptocurrency will be ready for ICO 5th of April called Crescent Donation Coin(CDC).

The hybrid digital currency is the product of a partnership between Korean IT solution company Braincore and Crescent Donation Coin PTE, LTD. The two teams worked together to ensure that the digital currency could be used with what seems like a tangible bank card.

CDC can be used with a card, meaning it can be used in everyday transactions. Only thing that users need to do is just use CDC e-Platform (CDCeP)  to complete transactions. By the user’s freewill, a portion of fees accrued can be automatically donated. The CDC card is actually linked directly to digital currency balances.

The hybrid cryptocurrency is finding traction in business and blockchain applications; the World Art Bank of Korea’s Art Registration Association and Okomart, a shopping mall company based in Shanghai, China, have signed MOU.

Made for retail, CDC has advantages over Bitcoin price. Since it fuses consumer-fueled interest in digital currency with real spending power, CDC is poised to exceed Bitcoin price.

CDC will be the world’s first and only digital currency with a direct connection with the economy in Singapore and worldwide, a milestone that Bitcoin price has yet to meet. This is the first step in bridging the gap between the decentralized economy, which has captivated people all over the world, and the physical, regulated economy.

While this seems to be a controversial topic, CDC is on a path to disrupt economy as it’s known today in an effort to deliver economy into a new age. CDC calls this the “4th industrial revolution.”.

Using a card in tandem with digital currency will allow users to walk the line between decentralized economy and the traditional economy, and this is a change that many are anticipating. Right now, the team at CDC is working to promote their cryptocurrency and the freedom that comes with it.

Despite recent investment woes, CDC says they are confident to be the best option. At the company’s website,, visitors can learn more about CDC, its businesses and blockchain applications, and details of the upcoming ICO.

About Crescent Donation Coin (CDC)

Crescent Donation Coin (CDC) offers an exciting blockchain application in which users get basic functions of electronic money, electronic wallets, payment points, smart contracts, digital ID support, and more backed by the security and anonymity of blockchain technology.

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