Blockchain Relations Launches Multi-Brand Publishing Platform for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Enthusiasts

Community members can now reach millions with network of brands and more than 5,000 key syndication outlets

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NetworkWire – Blockchain Relations™, a media networking brand providing publishing services, public relations and branding solutions to the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, is excited to announce its Content Submission Program, which enables any writer or journalist to share their passions with mainstream audiences via the Blockchain Relations Brand Network and syndication with 5,000+ news outlets.

“With the introduction of social media, everyone now knows people would rather read and share content made by zealous community members than those who are simply paid to do a job. But, unfortunately, most community members don’t have large followings of their own. As a result, they often don’t take the time to write about why their favorite cryptocurrency or blockchain projects are so exciting. This program now gives everyone the opportunity to share their insights with the masses,” stated Jonathan Keim, chief project manager of Blockchain Relations.

Publishing Platform Offers Views, Followers and Crypto Payment for Content

All content accepted for publishing is distributed to thousands of followers through all the different social media accounts part of the Blockchain Relations Brand Network. The growing network of brands currently includes Blockchain News Reporter, Global Blockchain Report, Blockchain Bull Report, Blockchain Market Alerts, Blockchain News Alerts, Blockchain News Source, and of course the parent network brand itself as well as Blockchain Relations. This multi-brand distribution network ensures every piece published is widely read and increases the potential for viral sharing.

Contributors will also benefit from a button on each published article that connects viewers to his or her own Twitter account (or whichever social media platform they prefer). The program is designed to help both up-and-coming writers as well as well-established authors quickly get their name out there in a way that will effectively build up their own followings.

Since launch, the community has flocked to brands part of the network to receive credible news alerts and other valuable content. Today, quality content published by the brand network can quickly spread across the Internet as the audiences are generally well engaged with social networks. Contributors are also encouraged to share their published content with various communities via Slack, Reddit, Discord and even the featured project’s own social media manager to boost their view count. After several weeks of exposure, Blockchain Relations offers the choice of either digital currency or USD payments based on the quality and quantity of views in addition to a flat guaranteed payment for each accepted submission.

To learn more and begin the process of submitting content, visit:

Opportunity for Further Exposure to 5,000 News Outlets

Those who desire more exposure for their article can optionally decide to waive payment in exchange for reaching mainstream audiences via NetworkNewsWire syndication to 5,000+ strategic distribution points. As a result, many more people will be able to discover projects they otherwise would have never heard about. This option is available to all authors regardless of how many views are generated as it captures the core mission of Blockchain Relations to connect mainstream audiences to the exciting worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Ongoing, Compensated Assignments

If project leaders desire continued exposure via the brand network and news outlets as a result of contributed content, Blockchain Relations will always give the original contributor the first opportunity to accept subsequent paid assignments from client engagement. We believe this is as much of a benefit to the contributor as it is to the project’s community members since they will prefer future content to be written by the author who best captured their vision and shared it effectively with others.

“Whether using this opportunity to launch a new career or earn extra income on the side by doing something they love, contributors will be able to directly impact the future of their favorite projects while sharing in their success,” Keim concluded.

How to Get Published

Submitting content is very easy and the Blockchain Relations team will assist with editing, if needed. To make your first submission, visit the Blockchain Relations website and select the “Submit Content” button on the top-right or visit the direct link:

About Blockchain Relations

Blockchain Relations™ was launched as a division of The Global Precision Group (est. 2010) to help cryptocurrency and blockchain projects achieve greater visibility through media connections and proven branding strategies. The core team leverages a unique blend of experience spanning investor relations, public relations, marketing, crypto markets and community-building initiatives to accelerate the success of blockchain-centric projects.

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