BCT Inc. Announces APAC Distribution of the Blockchain Terminal with Dios, and Blockchain Technologies SPC, Singapore

HONG KONG, June 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BCT Inc today announced the placement of its first Blockchain Terminal, a powerful crypto-trading platform to enable hedge- and crypto-funds to enhance trading profits and mitigate risk with built-in compliance tools and apps, in the APAC region at Dios Asset Management, a fund run by Mr. Alvin Teo, CEO and Founder.

“I’m excited to be the first fund to take possession of BCT’s Terminal in the APAC region,” said Teo. “I expect that it will provide Dios with a strong competitive advantage. I am looking for ways to enhance the returns on my fund’s performance, and crypto is a way to do that. I will need institutional-grade tools and execution to do this and BCT will give me the data, analytics and insights to perform the right trades with confidence.”

Between June 2017 and 2018, cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum have increased in value by 262% and 231% respectively.

This type of growth has fueled the rise of companies like Blockchain Technologies SPC in 2017, which launched the Cryptocurrency Balanced Large Cap Fund SP, the first regulated and institutional grade crypto fund, managed from Singapore. Scott Littlewood, Fund Manager, highlighted, “Blockchain Technologies is structuring fund strategies for cryptos, and we are waiting for the opportunity to pilot the use of a data aggregator like Blockchain Terminal in our work. Tools like this are needed in this industry.”

BCT recently installed Jeremy Weiss as CEO, APAC to lead the office, grow distribution channels, and expand operations in the region.

“We’re delighted to have beta-customers like Dios Asset Management and Blockchain Technologies SPC install our terminals and provide us with important feedback as part of our product innovation strategy,” said Weiss. “BCT will lead the way now, and into the future because of high-performing, innovative hedge funds, crypto fund and technology partners.”

About Dios

Dios Asset Management Pte Ltd is formed by a group of experienced investment professionals brought together by a common passion to create a dynamic and transparent investment house. It is a Registered Fund Management Company regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Dios brings together knowledge from sovereign wealth fund, hedge fund, fintech & real businesses to synthesize the next stage of fund management. Please see www.diosam.com for more details.

About Blockchain Technologies SPC

Blockchain Technologies SPC is a fully regulated, segregated investment vehicle managing multiple fund strategies in the crypto universe. With high class service providers and partners and IT & Cyber Security at the core of the offering, we help institutional clients get safely invested in the digital asset markets.

About BCT Inc

BCT Inc is developing the Blockchain Terminal, an industry-standard trading platform for cryptocurrency. The Blockchain Terminal is an institutional-quality wealth management tool with an open ecosystem that will enable third-party blockchain developers to distribute crypto-trading tools, information, and content to the traditional finance industry. It bridges the gap between traditional investment and the emerging crypto space. The platform includes a robust order routing system to enable trading across multiple exchanges through third-party applications to ensure best execution. Users will need the ERC-20-compliant BCT Token to operate the Terminal, including accessing registering, transacting, and utilizing applications.

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