Base2 Expands Digital Innovation Portfolio, Fueling Company Growth

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Base2 Solutions, a leading technology and systems engineering consultancy, today announced it is on track to achieve record-breaking year-over-year growth, based on third quarter results. This achievement is the result of some of Base2’s most innovative work in new, highly regulated industry sectors such as biotechnology and gaming, utilizing today’s hottest technologies: augmented reality, blockchain and GPS/mobile tracking.

These groundbreaking projects include:

  • An augmented reality experience for Jabil, a leading manufacturing solutions provider. Base2 partnered with Jabil to develop a virtual tour of its global optics design centers, showcased on a wall within its new Optics Technology Center in Israel. Using cutting-edge augmented reality technology, the Base2 team developed an application that brought Jabil’s innovative vision to life —boosting the new facility’s cool factor for visitors. “When it’s an absolute experiment, you need people with the depth of knowledge across the board to give you a hope of success. Base2 delivered,” said Michelle Saro, chief marketing officer of Jabil. Read the case study.
  • An application to revolutionize the management of cold chain logistics for BioLife, a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of clinical grade cell and tissue hypothermic storage and cryopreservation freeze media. The Base2 team developed a cloud-based application to help safeguard life-saving packages in transit. The app sends email and SMS alerts on the status of temperature, pressure, location and light exposure throughout the cold chain logistics system. BioLife won an award for the patent-pending solution. “We had the vision, but thought we needed to leverage outside expertise in order to execute on it in time to match the market window,” explained Mike Rice, CEO of BioLife. “To meet our timeline, we needed to find a development partner that had experience in regulated environments… and, based on its past work with Boeing and other companies, we turned to Base2.”
  • Accelerated product development for Player Tokens, a blockchain powered crypto-collectible service led by Kush Parikh, the former CEO of PayByPhone. This is the industry’s first crypto-collectible product that doesn’t require a cryptocurrency wallet. Base2 experts used the company’s best practices to push the product across the finish line. “Player Tokens was initially hesitant about opening its core intellectual property to outside consultants, but it knew Base2 worked closely with product develop companies in highly regulated industries,” said Neil Halpern, vice president of technology of Base2. “Because of our strong staff and processes, we brought immediate value, became a trusted partner and accelerated the development of its solution to meet the company’s ambitious target launch date. Now sports fans can buy digital “tokens” featuring real major league baseball players.”

Great growth demands great talent
Base2’s tremendous growth has created a need for additional talent. “We not only look for people with technical expertise, but we want forward-thinkers who are passionate about solving our clients challenging problems,” said Ron Hopkins, CEO and president of Base2. “We take great pride in our work which results in long lasting trusted partnerships with our clients.”

Base2 has dozens of job opportunities based in its Brea, CA and Seattle offices. The full list is available at:

About Base2 Solutions
Base2 helps companies give form to digital innovation and delivers the processes and practices needed to develop complex interconnected systems for new insights and better opportunities. The company’s disciplined Systems Engineering, Application Development, DevOps and Information Security teams partner with internal resources, providing the expertise needed to efficiently productize insight, especially across heavily regulated industries such as aerospace, and healthcare. To learn more about how Base2 helps accelerate digital innovation, please visit

Mollie Jahner
Base2 Solutions

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