SmartCash ($SMART) Makes Crypto Easy with Usernames for Payment and Send-to-Email Feature

The SmartCash (Crypto: SMART) community is working to make as much of a positive impact on the world as possible. This includes getting more merchants to adopt their efficient payment method, which has significant improvements over conventional payment methods mentioned in prior articles. On top of this, thanks to SmartCash’s self-funded community governance model, the community has tremendous resources and can vote on which endeavors they would like to fund.

User-Friendly Features for Mainstream Adoption

Virtually all crypto communities prefer a grassroots approach to growth and building awareness, but the truth is the more mainstream a crypto becomes, the more it can accomplish. Therefore, achieving mainstream attention would aid SmartCash and other cryptos in making a bigger impact in our world. The current challenge is that the concept and usage of cryptos is still confusing and foreign to much of the world’s population.

Fortunately, SmartCash has taken measures to be the user-friendly crypto. For example, SmartCash lets you send SMART to Web Wallet usernames, rather than only offering lengthy, overwhelming addresses that Bitcoin and other cryptos are known for. This eliminates the double checking and paranoia associated with sending funds to an ugly, uninviting address that virtually has to be copy and pasted to ensure complete accuracy. This way, SmartCash is more accessible to everyone, regardless of how much they understand about blockchain technology.

Sure, Bitcoin is now a well-known name as a result of dipping its toes into the mainstream, with massive mining companies like HashChain Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: HSSHF), Riot Blockchain Inc. (NASDAQ: RIOT), and MGT Capital Investments Inc. (NASDAQ: MGTI) benefiting from their publicity. However, the potential for blockchain technology in everyday life has hardly been tapped into, and SmartCash is making their community more easily accessible for all. Eventually, the crypto movement will really begin to take over, and when it does, SmartCash is already poised to be a top candidate for widespread adoption.

SmartCash’s Send-to-Email Feature Works for Anyone

The ability to send crypto with a custom username is just one of the many ways that SmartCash has made mainstream adoption more feasible. Another example is their send-to-email feature, which makes it easy to get more people involved. Many have heard of crypto, but they often don’t take that next step of setting up a wallet. Although it’s great that you can send SMART to a person using their username, already having a SmartCash Web Wallet is a prerequisite. However, in order to achieve mass adoption, people with no previous crypto experience must be inspired to get involved.

With the send-to-email feature, the only requirement for a person or business to get SMART is to have an email address. Of course, by receiving SMART via email, people will be prompted to take 30 seconds to set up a SmartCash wallet in order to store these funds. If they don’t, the funds simply get returned to the original sender in 7 days. A creative use of this feature would be sending funds to people that you don’t even know personally. For instance, a SmartCash holder could tip another person for literally anything and the crypto would eventually be returned risk-free if a web wallet isn’t setup to hold the funds.

To sum it all up, SmartCash’s send-to-email feature makes inviting newcomers to crypto easier than ever before.

Real World Impact

SmartCash has already succeeded in educating the market through several of their completed proposals. The amount that SmartCash has accomplished in such a short amount of time is both unusual and impressive.  For example, they’ve used community funds to fund a project in Ghana that introduced crypto and the benefits of SmartCash to 5 Ghanian universities for massive adoption and usage. The $12,000 worth of SMART allocated for this project funded food, transportation, accommodation, and more, which allowed a total of 10 workshops to be held to inform and train Ghanian students.

This is just one of many already completed proposals. The more popular SmartCash becomes, the more resources SmartCash has to fund new causes and community initiatives. Millions of merchants have already adopted the SmartCash payment method via SmartBand and proactive efforts will lead to many more around the world. Thanks to the user-friendly features and ever-growing SmartHive Project Treasury, SmartCash has the ability to go mainstream and continue to make even more of a real-world impact.

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Note: Since serving this community coin, we have experienced questionable behavior from community leaders that give us cause for concern and feel it’s necessary to say so while the content remains on our website. We do appreciate the community who voted in our proposal and wish them the best. For further details, please reach out via the contact page.

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