Results of First Newswire PR Distribution for Cryptocurrency Project to Top-Tier News Networks

Note: Articles on this website cover news in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Although we didn’t intend to use this website for articles on ourselves, we’re thrilled to use it to tell the community about this historical moment in the cryptocurrency space.

An Earlier Editorial Syndication

First, to eliminate any confusion with a different release issued this week, it would be prudent to mention that an initial editorial release was distributed on two days before the national press release was issued on January 9. This first release was sent to 5,000+ news networks via NetworkNewsWire’s editorial syndication network, which is quite different from premium, top-tier distribution. The editorial release titled “Neblio ($NEBL): A Cryptocurrency Platform Designed for All Major Programming Languages and Enterprises” was also distributed to the Blockchain Relations Brand Network, a group of social media accounts that deliver the latest blockchain news to approximately 10,000 followers, collectively.

Making History in the Crypto Space

On January 9, Blockchain Relations was commissioned to distribute a press release for Neblio (Crypto: NEBL) via a global news wire titled “Neblio ($NEBL) Enables Digital Currency Users to Issue Tokens on Its Enterprise-Ready Blockchain Platform“. To our knowledge, it is the first press release distributed professionally to top-tier news organizations in the exact same manner publicly traded companies such as Cisco Systems, Walt Disney, Boeing or Apple do when they have material announcements for the media and their shareholders. Our team, which has served 200+ publicly traded companies, was careful to follow all the same principles for maximum acceptance by news networks.

Measurable, Quantifiable Reach

Although the numbers below are subject to further growth, we do not anticipate a dramatic increase from where we are today. Our intent is to show a realistic example of what to expect when taking this traditional approach to raising awareness in mainstream media.

  • 176 placements on networks such as Yahoo! Finance, International Business Times, Business Insider / Market Insider, Econotimes and Street Insider
  • 19 headline clip placements on sites such as Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News, World News Network Search and Nasdaq Globenewswire
  • 189,000,000+ potential reach (the collective audience size of the news networks that posted Neblio’s news)
  • 817 direct traffic views to the original press release (does not include reposts by other networks such as Yahoo! Finance and IBTimes)
  • 58% of the audience was U.S, 8% Canada, and the rest split up with approx. 50 other countries (global distribution is available for greater diversity)
  • 340 total clicks on links in the press release (the majority went to a link with more technical information and other announcements)

We’re thrilled to have brought this much exposure to a cryptocurrency project. Unfortunately, other cryto-centric projects are flying under the radar and will never be able to truly change the world unless people on the outside know about them. We’re actively changing that and we hope sharing the results above will inspire others to explore branding options beyond the crypto borders so mainstream markets can be reached.

On another note, as happy as we are with these placements, a single release only has so much impact. Mainstream media is just now warming up to the idea that Bitcoin and Ethereum are here to stay. As perfect of a time it is to introduce the masses to cryptocurrency projects with better technology and different purposes, consistency in the news is paramount for long-term success. The best known projects are the ones that will take top positions in the market and be the most instrumental in helping the public fully accept the amazing possibilities unlocked by decentralized and autonomous blockchain technology.

Update 1/22/18: There are now 1,905 direct traffic views to the original press release (does not include reposts by other networks such as Yahoo! Finance and IBTimes) and 429 clicks on links within the press release.

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