News Hash – Neblio ($NEBL) Launches Neblio Orion after Successful Beta, Enables Users to Begin Issuing Tokens

Late yesterday, the Neblio (Crypto: NEBL) team announced that its multi-signature wallet with NTP1 token support is now live! As announced previously, the “Neblio Token Protocol-1” (a.k.a. NTP1) allows any Neblio token holder to issue new tokens on the Neblio blockchain. Example use cases include employee identity management, asset tracking, records management, for use as event tickets, or to be distributed in a token sale. Also, these tokens have the novel ability to store metadata on the blockchain both in issue and transfer transactions. This will be invaluable for storing particular values, locations or descriptions (such as seating information for an event ticket).

In a Twitter tweet, the team stated anyone in the community can now create NTP1 tokens “in 2 clicks”, in addition to transfering NEBL via a web interface that works on both desktops and mobile devices. It was also said that the development update #5 is up next. Concluding the tweet, Neblio stated, “We’re just getting started with what is possible for businesses on the Neblio blockchain.”

About Neblio

Neblio was born out of the need for simple and intuitive tools and solutions to drive the adoption of blockchain technology in the enterprise space. The company is actively working on tools, services, and APIs that will simplify and revolutionize the way that businesses deploy next-generation applications on the Neblio Blockchain Platform. The Neblio blockchain will be offering support for many of the common programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, Objective-C, and Ruby. By combining the support of major programming languages with RESTful APIs that are easily understood by modern developers, Neblio is poised to bring blockchain solutions in ready reach of large and small enterprises alike.

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