News Hash – MedicCoin ($MEDIC) App for Earning Crypto by Exercising Officially Launches

Earlier today, MedicCoin (Crypto: MEDIC) published a blog on Medium announcing that MedicWalk is now live on the Apple App Store and the Google Android Play Store. As part of a new ecosystem, the app enables everyone to earn crypto by walking, running, jogging, dancing, or moon walking. Users will be able to then spend what they earn by purchasing sports goods, sports nutrition, sportswear and online fitness & yoga courses. If desired, app users can also export what they earn to a crypto exchange.

To find the MedicWalk on the App Store, visit

To find the MedicWalk on the Google Play Store, visit

About MedicCoin

MedicCoin is a blockchain-based crypto focused on promoting health and philanthropy throughout the world by rewarding individuals in various ways for being healthy as well as donating their unused computer power to Stanford University’s Folding@home project. Initiatives currently underway will introduce MedicEMR, a free open-source EMR software integrating MedicCoin; and MedicPhone, a telemedicine app that allows patients to see doctors remotely, integrates MedicEMR and provides MedicCoin as a payment option.

To learn more about MedicCoin, visit:

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